Apprenticeships for Young People

To get your career started you usually need a combination of experience and qualifications. An apprenticeship gives you both by combining on the job training with study (usually one day a week) meaning you can earn while you learn. With some apprenticeships you can even get a degree.

It usually takes between one and four years to complete an apprenticeship depending on which level you take. Apprenticeships are available across a wide range of industries and many high quality, prestigious companies offer them.
If you have no work experience on your CV, or you’d like to get a taster of a particular job or industry, you might like to consider
work experience first.
How much can you earn?
The minimum wage for apprentices aged 16-18 is £3.40 per hour. The same applies if you’re 19 and over and in the first year of your apprenticeship, after that you are entitled to the National Minimum Wage. However many employers pay more than this.
Pay is dependent on the industry, location and type of apprenticeship, for example some higher apprenticeships can pay as much as £500 per week.
Levels of apprenticeship
Apprenticeships have equivalent educational levels.
Who can apply
You can apply for an apprenticeship while you’re still at school. To start one, you’ll need to be:
16 or over
living in England
not in full-time education
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