The Abbey School Job Safari Adventure

Monday, June 26, 2017 - 09:15
The aim of Job Safari Adventure is to help students raise their awareness of:
STEM related work place
STEM Career opportunities
Employability skills
The Job Safari Adventure required students to participate in a career carousel to raise their awareness of a variety of STEM related careers.  
Each employer delivered a brief talk introducing their business, their role and how STEM relates to it. This was followed by the students participating in a task set by the business. 
Students were given the opportunity to understand more about the requirements of them in the workplace as they worked together to undertake the tasks, improve teamwork by working in set groups and act in a professional manner when completing tasks.
Students were supported by a team from Central Berkshire Education Business Partnership who also recruited volunteers from the Business World to work with the students throughout the day.
Volunteers from Thames Water, Google, Mott MacDonald, The British Army and PWC were recruited for the event.