Emmbrook School Interview Day

Monday, July 17, 2017 - 09:15
Students in Year 1o were given the opportunity to take part in an interview day to help them develop their interview technique and build their confidence.
157 young people were interviewed by volunteers from PWC, Filed Seymour Parkes, Cisco, Jacobs, Thames Water, VMWare, and Visa.
Students completed an application form for a 'job' a few weeks before the event to help them to understand the importance of selling your skills and experiences to potential employers, colleges and universities.
They were then invited to attend a 10 minute interview on Monday 17th June.
94% of students agreed that the experience was a good use of their time
80% agreed that they are now more confident about any future interview
75% agreed that they had a better understanding of the whole interview process following their participation in the event